Frontier, Creative and Initiative

Frontive Holding Limited (FHL) formed in September 2016 in London as an investment business
with one of our main strengths and markets being Japan.
With a collection of subsidiaries under one roof, Frontive operates in finance, accounting, consulting and investments
in not only UK, but across Europe and Asia.


  • 01To create and develop a unique organisational structure like no other
  • 02Each and every subsidiary to be sustainably profitable
  • 03To encourage a close working relationship between all our subsidiaries
  • 04To expand beyond its home market and become a global player
  • 05To bring a good cause to the society
  • 06To support and invest in new business ventures

Through investment, Frontive aims to return its profit to help societies thrive.

By expansion of its businesses, Frontive adds the brand values to the subsidiaries and its people, as it believes doing so is the main benefit of running its businesses.

Company Profile

Trading name:            Frontive Holding Limited
Address:                    International House, Cray Avenue, Orpingdon BR5 3RS
Telephone:                 +44 (0)208 455 1150
Date of incorporation:  27 September 2016
Registered in England and Wales under company number: 10395286

Management Team

Kenya Matsumoto   Founder and CEO
Gaku Sato             COO and CFO
Masafumi Saiki       COO and CIO


Please contact the following email address for any questions.